The thunderbolt is immediate and the decision to become a perfumer is irrevocable

The thunderbolt is immediate and the decision to become a perfumer is irrevocable

Fanny Bal

It was during her chemistry studies, which would have very wisely led her to the engineering profession, that Fanny Bal discovered the path of perfumery. Since then, this passionate young woman continues to demonstrate her determination.

Born in Lyon, Fanny begins his post-baccalaureate courses in this city. After two years of IUT of chemistry, she seeks for more creative alternatives. As soon as she hears about ISIPCA, Fanny is determined to integrate the school and is admitted in the famous formulation Master fragrances after her degree. During her study program, the young apprentice is fostered at IFF to work on the fragrance’s performance. From the laboratory, her horizon becomes clearer and obviously confirmed her vocation to create fragrances.

When I first met Riccardo and Alessandro, I felt a great connection, because they are as passionate as I am. We are talking the same language and sometimes we don’t even need words to understand each other. It was very easy to work with them, as we directly agreed on an olfactive direction for this new Scene, built around Vetiver, a raw material that we both love. In my creation, I have used a large amount of natural vetiver, as Riccardo and Alessandro wanted to pay homage to this beautiful material. I was very excited to be part of the Masque experience, as I love the concept of the opera and the different acts, which have different inspirations each time.

Cristiano Canali

There is no doubts perfumery has arrived by serendipity to me: I was on the path to become a pharmacist, as my family heritage; then during a period spent in Kerala studying Ayurvedic plants, I got in contact with some local producers of essential oils and I was captured and seduced by the mysterious and sensual smell of Sandalwood. I decided to investigate further and the curiosity become an interest and the interest a passion. This is when I and attend the prestigious perfumery school ISIPCA in Versailles. This allowed me to make the first step in the wonderful fragrant world enriching my preparation. After that I have been selected for an internship in the Netherlands within IFF, where I learned the dynamics of the industry, the technical side of perfumery and the team sprit needed to reach higher objectives; later I had the opportunity to move to France, Paris where the pulsating heart of perfumery is. During those years I got in contact with the greatest masters, grasping their aesthetics and signatures shaping my artistic vision in fine fragrances: I made great treasure of the experiences lived. Recently I reached the south of France where the historical womb of perfumery is and in Argeville, thanks to the compelling in-house capabilities and the well esteemed internal palette of natural ingredients, I have the possibility to express myself in different olfactive ways offering to each person a whimsical perfumed life. I love my job because I can learn on a daily base and I focus my attention on perception and intuition, sillage and intimacy, simplification and faceting.

With Alessandro and Riccardo we originally met at the very beginning of our careers sharing values, visions and perspectives. Time passed and one day we agreed it was time for us to join forces and build a fragrance together. The objective was to create a modern floral with a retro touch evoking the great Victorian age. The creativity process was instinctive and we kept as a gravitational point, the extraordinary Narcissus Poeticus: multi-faced challenging material, a royal fragrance itself and ideal to interpret our ambassador Dorian Gray. To adorn his personality the opening bursts with Absinth, Orange Flowers and Angelica ideal to recreate a dandy’s touch; then it develops into a sumptuous hedonist bouquet counting on Violets, Narcissus and Hyacinths; later it moves into ambiguous ambers, decadent woods and civet. We wanted to exemplify the duality of this narcotic flower with the gentle white petals, delicate looking and the deep green, animalic side. The result is a polarized fragrance, vertically elegant, distinctive in character. Its name is Romanza, a floral poem.

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