Bachelor of Computer Application

Bachelor of Computer Application is a three-year undergraduate programme. It deals with Computer Science and its application concepts. The B.C.A. course teaches Data Structures, Database Systems and Computer Networks. The B.C.A. course has a large scope for undergraduates as most industries require Computer applications and experts for a smooth run of their business.

B.C.A. (Bachelor of Computer Application) Course Details



Full Form

Bachelor of Computer Application


3 years


No age limit


Rs. 18,500 / Year

Employment Roles

Software Developer Trainee, Trainee Programmer, Technical Analyst, Technical Support, Server Monitoring, Networking Trainee, System Administrator-Computer, Server Administrator, etc.

Average Salary Offered




Full Form

Bachelor of Computer Application


3-year (6 semesters)


No age limit


Rs. 18,500 / Year

Employment Roles

Software Developer Trainee, Trainee Programmer, Technical Analyst, Technical Support, Server Monitoring, Networking Trainee, System Administrator-Computer, Server Administrator, etc.

Average Salary Offered


Year Wise B.C.A. Subjects and Syllabus

B.C.A. course subjects are defined by the affiliating Hemchand Yadav University.

B.C.A. syllabus is centered on introducing students to the world of Computer Applications. It provides vast knowledge of programming languages like C, C++, Oracle, Python, Java, Web designing, Business Intelligence, and Database Management Systems.

Listed below is the course divided into 3 years:

The table below contains the B.C.A. subjects.

First Year Syllabus

Theoretical Foundation of Computer Science
Fundamentals of IT & O.S.
Programming in 'C' language
Introduction to PC Software & Internet Applications
Programming in Visual Basic & Practical based on course
English Communication Skills & Foundation Course

Second Year Syllabus

Theoretical Foundation of Computer Science
Dbms (Oracle, Sql)
Programming In C++ & Visual C++
Computer Networking & Internet Technology
Principles of Management
Foundation Course

Third Year Syllabus

Calculus & Geometry
Differential Equations & Fourier Series
Computer System Architecture
Programming in Java
Operating System
Software Engineering
Multimedia Tools and Applications
Financial Management & Accountancy
Foundation Course

BCA Subjects

BCA is a three-year long undergraduate degree programme. In the 1st year syllabus, students can study all essential and core subjects of the course. For the second and third year, the course evolves further and allows students to choose projects that make their study more dynamic and flexible. The projects or research-based subjects help to understand the course at a deeper level. The projects help students to specialize and learn more about a more specific topic. Below is a list of some core subjects that students are taught during their BCA course:

BCA Core Subjects

  • Computer Fundamentals
  • C- Programming
  • System Analysis and Design
  • In-depth working of a computer system
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Visual Basic
  • Computer Laboratory

BCA Subjects in Detail

Since BCA is a field that is applied in many paths of advancing technology, it deals with a wide range of discourse. Some of the topics covered in detail in BCA are as follows:

Software Development: This subject primarily focuses on software development by introducing students to various programming languages such as Python, JAVA, Assemble, COBOL, and others, as well as database management, web development, and networking. Students can design, implement, and test software to debug significant problems.

Software Engineering: This subject is an introduction to software engineering in which students learn the fundamental theoretical concepts of software design, implementation, and analysis and gain practical experience. Students are taught how to create software that aids in the reduction of human labour.

Multimedia Systems: Multimedia data has become an integral part of today’s world and current research projects. This topic provides a deep understanding of multimedia standards, systems and tools, content viewing and retrieval, and multimedia network communications.

Artificial Intelligence: AI or artificial intelligence is one of the most advanced scientific developments. With advances in software and technology, we can expect more AI in the future. Students will learn how to write code for AI-based software, machine learning, machines and robots on the Internet 3.0 Web.

Web-based Applications Development: Students within the dialogue are centred on studying programming languages in addition to in-intensity HTML, XHTML coding and CSS layout concepts. The path gives complete know-how of PHP, one of the most famous programming languages in web development.

Theoretical Computer Science: Theoretical Computer Science involves understanding the theory of computation and mathematical tools. It covers algorithms, automation theory, logic, computational complexity, combinatorics, etc.

Database Management System: The main goal of a database management system or DBMS is to provide a mechanism for efficiently and conveniently storing and retrieving database information. This course covers relational algebra, SQL, relational design theory, online analytical processing, data mining, etc.

Data Communication and Computer Networks: Data communication refers to the transmission of digital data between two or more computers between a computer network and data network. Computer networks allow computers to exchange data over wireless or wired media.

BCA Course Structure

BCA is a professional undergraduate program focused mainly on computer application concepts. It comes with core subjects like data structures, database systems, and computer networks. The course duration for BCA is three years. The course structure is as follows:

Three Years

Core Subjects

Final Research Project

BCA Teaching Methodology and Techniques

The teaching and learning of the BCA course syllabus encompass traditional lecture-based training. The bachelor of computer application subjects are decided based on the needs of the industry. Students can find the exact BCA subject list by going through the college website.

At the end of their education, students will have to submit a final research project. This project aims to ensure that the students remember everything taught to them and make sure that they have a chance to understand their specialisation on a deeper and more informative level. The research project, in most cases, is conducted individually.

BCA Projects

At the end of the undergraduate degree, all students are expected to do an independent project based on the topic they want to specialise in. The research topics need to be related to the BCA subjects students study during their course. The research helps students get an in-depth understanding of the BCA Computer Science syllabus and familiarise them with the different topics they study.

Below are examples of some popular research essays:

Library Management System Project in Java

College Management System Project in Java

Mobile Management System Project

Social Networking Scripts

BCA Reference Books

Students interested in pursuing BCA as further education must invest in some reference books to help them pass the BCA entrance exams with ease. The books provide students with the essential and relevant information they need.

Below is a list of books that can help students get started with their BCA course:

Fundamentals of ComputersRajaraman V
Introduction to ComputersNorton Peter
Let us C

Kanetkar Yashwant

Graduates don’t struggle to get jobs after BCA, as the coursework taught to the students is very relevant and decided to keep in mind what will be expected from computer applications specialists. The specialty of the BCA course is that it provides computer knowledge in theory and practical. BCA job opportunities after graduation have seen an increase over time, as graduates work as system engineers, system testers, junior programmers, system administrators, web developers, software developers, etc. Some IT giants like TCS, Wipro, Infosys, Microsoft, etc., are ready to hire freshers.

BCA Jobs Quick Facts

There are numerous opportunities available to BCA graduates, with many more on the horizon due to technological advancement. Before gathering placements, here are a few quick facts to be aware of:

  • BCA graduates can expect to earn INR 36,000 PM in the private sector and INR15, 000- 35,000 PM in the Government sector.
  • After 5-19 years of experience, BCA salaries range from INR 60,000 – 80,000 PM in the Government sector and from INR 7 LPA in the private sector.
  • After completing the BCA course, students can apply for jobs such as computer programmers, software developers, network engineers, and software testers.
  • BCA jobs in India and abroad offer a favourable salary package and the opportunity to work abroad. BCA jobs are available in countries such as Japan, Nigeria, USA and UK.
  • Depending on your work profile, BCA work abroad requires 36 years of professional experience and a master’s degree in computer science or related disciplines.

Career Prospects and Job Scope for a BCA Graduate

When it comes to BCA, graduates of the course have several options available to them. Many colleges offer internships and placement opportunities to their students, thereby helping them set up a career immediately after graduation. Students can also opt for higher studies should they choose to enhance their profiles and their career prospects further.

Below are some of the popular BCA jobs done by graduates:

  • Software Publishers
  • Information System Managers
  • Database Administrators
  • Computer System Analysts
  • Chief Information Officers

Courses after BCA

After completing the course, BCA graduates can choose to study further should they want to enhance their career profiles. There are several courses that a graduate can take up after completing BCA. The most popular Postgraduate Courses after BCA are as follows:

  • MCA
  • MBA

Graduates also have the option of pursuing Certificate Courses after BCA to enhance their profiles, such as:

  • Java Certification
  • Python Certification
  • PHP Certification
  • Software Testing Certification

Career Options after BCA

Fresh BCA graduates have a plethora of options for employment right after completing the course. Below are some of the popular job designations for BCA graduates soon after graduation:

  • Software Developer Trainee
  • E-Commerce Executive
  • Technical Analyst
  • Technical Administrator
  • Technical Support

Areas of Recruitment for BCA Graduates

A BCA degree presents itself with many job opportunities and a high salary. It prepares students for the different BCA career options they can pursue and ensures that they succeed in whatever they choose to pursue.

Below is a list of different industries where students get a job after BCA:

  • Banks
  • Consultancies
  • Computers and Related Electronic Equipment Manufacturers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Government Agencies
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Software Development Companies
  • Security and Surveillance Companies
  • System Maintenance
  • Technical Support
  • Traffic Light Management
  • Graphics
  • BPO
  • Multimedia
  • Mainframe
  • Website Design
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Game Designing, Testing, and Development
  • Actuaries

BCA Salary

The BCA salary for graduates in India may vary depending on their qualification, experience level, geography and type of company. The average BCA salary in India, according to Glassdoor, is INR 2.5 LPA.

BCA Salary in India

According to Glassdoor, the average BCA graduate job’s salary in India ranges from INR 1.2 – 5 LPA. The table below contains the BCA Salary breakdown in India:

BCA Salary In IndiaAmount
Highest SalaryINR 5 LPA
Lowest SalaryINR 1.2 LPA
Average SalaryINR 2.5 LPA

The table below contains the average salary for BCA job profiles in India:

Job RoleSalary
Software DeveloperINR 2.5 LPA
E-Commerce ExecutiveINR 2.9 LPA
System AdministratorINR 3 LPA

BCA Salary Abroad

BCA graduates are highly sought after worldwide as there is a growing demand for IT specialists and software developers. BCA salary depends on many factors, such as age and experience, qualifications level, geographic location and type of employer. The table below contains the average BCA salary abroad:

Country-wise BCA SalaryAmount
BCA Salary in UAEAED 77,000 – 124,000 PA
BCA Salary in the USAUSD 120,000 – 814,000 PA
BCA Salary in CanadaCAD 61,000 – 100,000 PA
BCA Salary in the UKGBP 41,000 – 82,000 PA

Career Scope of BCA

BCA is a capacity-based degree which means that finding a job is very straightforward. Computer applications are used across industries and sectors. Hence the demand for BCA graduates is high compared to unadulterated scholarly programs like B.Sc. or B.Com. The following is a list of job profiles that form the career scope of BCA:

Data Scientist: Data scientists help businesses gain valuable insights from swathes of data. Data scientists help companies find solutions to their business problems. With data, companies can make informed decisions and plans.

Technical Support Engineer: Tech Support Engineers are responsible for assisting the company in resolving technical issues with customer accounts. Aside from customer issues, technical support engineers solve company software infrastructure issues.

Digital Marketer: Digital marketing is a well-known high-income area for BCA graduates. Digital Marketers are responsible for maintaining the company’s online presence and reputation. Digital Marketers use content marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and various other techniques.

Computer Programmer: A computer programmer’s job profile, which is broadly included in BCA, is to write and write computer software code, ensuring a smooth flow of computer programs, testing their functionality, and working on the program’s documentation.

System Engineer: The system engineer is responsible for managing and monitoring the operating systems and software installed in the company. In addition, they configure and test software applications and systems management tools to maximize the use of the technical infrastructure for company employees.

Private Jobs for BCA Candidates

There are plenty, job opportunities after bca, and the average salary of a BCA graduate is approximately INR 3.7 LPA. The job designations includes: 

Top Private Hiring CompaniesSalary
CognizantINR 3 LPA
Wipro INR 3 LPA

Some other job opportunities after bca in this sector are:

  • Database Administration
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Software Developer
  • Software Publisher
  • Systems Administrator

Government Jobs for BCA Candidates

The BCA course job opportunities don’t just exist in the private sector, but there are also ample opportunities in the government job. The average salary of a BCA graduate is approximately INR 3 LPA. The job designations include:

Top Government Hiring OrganisationsSalary

Some other job opportunities after BCA in this sector are:

  • Database Administration
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Software Developer
  • Software Publisher
  • Systems Administrator

Factors Affecting Your BCA Salary

BCA opens up many avenues and scope for graduates in various fields of advancing technology. Many factors affect the salary of the graduates. Here are some of the factors that affect the salary of BCA graduates:


Perhaps the most critical factor in determining salary is the level of experience. Freshers with no industry experience can expect an average annual income of INR 2.5LPA. The BCA degree earns INR 38,000 PM in the mid-professional period.

In contrast, senior-level professionals with more than 7 years of experience earn an average of about INR 12 LPA. The more experienced one is, the more they can hold a higher position in the industry and, as a result, earn higher salaries.


The location of the workplace has a significant impact on your salary. This is the main reason people move from small towns to metropolitan areas. Consider the role of a system administrator. In New Delhi, system administrators earn about 21% more than the national average.

Meanwhile, Mumbai system administrators earn about 2% less than the national average. The cost of living in the city greatly influences this factor.


Competition has intensified in recent years. Many high-paying jobs require an additional qualification in addition to a BCA degree. Knowing the industry and having industry-specific knowledge and expertise can make one stand out and get a higher paid job.

For example, if an aspirant wants to work as a digital marketing manager, one needs a digital marketing certification and BCA degree. The expertise in the field will help one land a lucrative salary.

Job Opportunities Abroad for BCA Graduates

BCA graduates don’t struggle to get jobs in international countries, as it is a very diverse course and many countries require this course. The course is designed to make every student, irrespective of their specialization, employable in a foreign country.

Top Companies for BCA Graduates

Below is a list of the top international companies that hire BCA Graduates:

  • HCL Technologies
  • TCS
  • Mahindra

Best Countries for BCA Graduates

Below are the list of top countries offering job opportunities to BCA Graduates: 

  • London
  • USA
  • Dubai
  • Australia

Various Career Designations Abroad for BCA Graduates

Here is the list of exciting job roles that attract BCA graduates to work abroad:

  • Computer Programmers
  • Computer Systems Analysts
  • Computer Support Service Specialist
  • Computer Presentation Specialist
  • Commercial And Industrial Designers
  • Database Administrators

Best BCA Graduates

BCA graduates always find success in whatever field they choose as there is a lot of scope in the area. They learn about the importance of computer applications. Since the world has become more and more dependent on computer software technology, their knowledge is precious for the world today. Here is a list of some such BCA graduates who have worked hard to create a creative impact in the society we live in today:

  • Natarajan Chandrasekaran.
  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • Larry Page

Courses Offered

The Institute offers Science and Commerce degree programs in three disciplines with intake of students as under:

B.Sc. (Biology)

60 Seats

B.Sc. (PCM)

60 Seats

(Computer Science)

60 Seats

B.Com. (Computer Application)

60 Seats


60 Seats


30 Seats


60 Seats


60 Seats

B.Com. (Computer Application)

60 Seats