In Shanghai, for online, you can get a good success ratio if you use ChinaLoveCupid, which is a dating website

In Shanghai, for <a href="">livejasmin</a> online, you can get a good success ratio if you use ChinaLoveCupid, which is a dating website

A poster mentions using wechat to find girls in China, that is not accurate and is not an easy way to do it as Chinese girls are not accustomed to being hit on by random strangers online. It is also not easy to distinguish if the woman is single or not by looking at who is nearby in the wechat function. In the old days an app called QQ could work because users can create a profile which would give a girl some idea of who the guy is. Wechat is not the same. It still works but is less popular but I have had success in Shanghai that way.

A lot of girls pay to use the site meaning that they are contactable but if you dont act the cheapskate and pay to use the site as well, you will get tons of hits and its easy to set up a date.

In my experience, in China (8 years and counting) usually you can be having sex on the 2nd date if the first one goes well. All from online dating sites like the one I mention. In Shanghai also, there is quite a good western social scene so there are quite a few pickup bars (not meaning hooker bars) that can be good as well. There are hooker bars but its an expensive way to go about it, however you get a lot more BANG for your buck if you do as these girls are up for it but you have to put the effort in with your cash buying drinks all night.

In China, even Shanghai you will never be short of female action if you can speak Chinese. If you travel to a place with not many westerners and can speak Chinese you will become very accepted.

I think Taiwan girls are also very smart, sexy, friendly,

Depending on your own age in Shanghai you can expect to find either educated party girls up to the age of 30 or divorced / leftover women between 30-40. For a more stable situation it is better to look for women who are over 25 as they are far more mature. Women in their 30s who are single are usually well up for it if you get to the 2nd date.

Does anyone here know the easiest/most favorable place to hookup with Chinese/East Asian looking girls? I’m torn between mainland China, Vietnam, or Taiwan.

damn, really good writing, and you really know your stuff. thanks..from my few years in Asia, Im super attracted to Japanese girls, but seems near impossible to even get just a date. i wasn’t there long though. Mainland China Guangzhou girls I think might be the nicest in the world, treat you like king, fun, friendly, easy to meet, trade contact info, date. . sophisticated.Chiang Mai Thailand you have to put in some hard work but potential is there to meet, but more easy to meet like minded friends than dating opposite sex.thx for sharing.

I just came back from Bangkok and I can say that the author of this blog is right-on point regarding what he says, especially regarding the pros (such as ong girls) and the Cons (I had a terrible time trying to figure out normal girls from ladyboys).

Sex partner (SP as its called in China) is pretty easy to get doing and I have had usually any 3 at one time for all the years I been living in China

However, I didn’t feel that there were a lot of expats in the bars and clubs I went to. Perhaps it was because of the areas I was in, but overall for my first time in Asia I must say I was impressed.

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