Skill Development Classes

Skill Development Classes

The 21st century demands not just degrees but definite skill sets which enhance the employability chances of a probable candidate in the job market. Graduates have ample scope for finding jobs if they have skills which help to perform a particular activity in a very experienced manner.

Our whole life is simply a long period of developing our skills through the general method of repeating something over and over before it becomes a subconscious act. We follow the same trend as we develop skills. The only distinction is that we are much more conscious and interested in our engagements.


Our Skill Development programme can be broadly classified into two categories. They are:

Hard skills: Skills relevant to some specific task; typically readily quantifiable. They aim to be knowledge-based, such as subject proficiency, training, and specialized qualifications. Fluency in a language, XYZ tech skills, graphic design and scripting are all hard skills.

Soft skills: Personality skills that tend to be transferable, such as collaboration, management, problem-solving, stress management, decision-making, flexibility, ability to cope with challenges, and communication.