Physics Lab

The Physics Lab of KISC is spacious, well equipped with modern and advanced instruments for conducting lab experiments in various important areas of Physics like Optics, Mechanics, Electronics and Electricity, Electromagnetic fields, Thermal etc. which help the students to understand concepts better. It is here that students learn to satiate their inquisitiveness by indulging in activities of scientists – asking questions, performing procedures, collecting data, analyzing data, answering questions, and thinking of new questions to explore. All the experiments are designed to correlate theoretical knowledge with practical applications. The Lab has the following instruments to help the process of learning:

following instruments to help the process of learning:

  1. Deflection Magnetometer
  2. Vibrational Magnetometer
  3. Searle’s Rigidity Apparatus
  4. Cantilever Apparatus
  5. Torsion Pendulum
  6. e/m Thomson’s Method for Specific Charge
  7. Stoke’s Method for Viscosity of Liquids
  8. Kater Pendulum Kit
  9. Bending of Beam Kit
  10. Copper Calorimeter
  11. K- Constant Method
  12. Newton’s Law of Cooling
  13. Fly Wheel for Moment of Inertia