Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry Lab of KISC is a clean, safe and well-equipped lab designed to serve the varied branches of Chemistry such as Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry. The Lab is created to be fire resistant and handle any kind of mishap.  Students use chemical theories to conduct experiments to explain and predict observable phenomena. They are provided a comprehensive practical exposure to the various instrumental techniques required for their study. When conducting an experiment, they follow written procedures accurately and safely, demonstrate competence with lab equipment and measuring devices, and record data clearly and precisely. The Lab is monitored by a faculty member who oversees the functioning of students along with other lab assistants and attendants.

The Lab is adequately equipped with the following instruments required to carry out practicals:

  1. Visible Spectrophotometer
  2. Digital Potentiometer
  3. Digital Conductivity Meter
  4. Digital pH meter
  5. Muffle Furnace
  6. Hot Air Oven
  7. Digital Electronic Balance
  8. Heating Mantle
  9. Electric Hot Plate
  10. Electrical Thermostatic Water Bath
  11. Digital Turbidity Meter
  12. Borosil Mono Quartz Distillation Unit